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Guest Artists

Evening Performers:

Justin Benavidez

Eric Bubacz

Jason Casanova

Martin Cochran

Marc Dickman

Joe Dollard

Adam Frey

Brian Meixner

Matt Shipes

Beth Wiese

Jarrod Williams

The Georgia Brass Band

The SERTEC Professors' Choir


Solo Recitals

Alex Avila

Blake Birmingham

Aaron Campbell

John Caputo

Joel Collier

Jeremy Crawford

Steven Darling

Richard Demy

Charlie Goodman

James Green

Erik Lundquist

Robert Pendergast

Patrick Rettger

Cale Self

Corey Sherman

Brandon Smith

Kevin Stees

Michael Waddell

Patrick Young

Duo/Chamber Ensemble Recitals

Austin Tuba Band

The Carpenter-Duplantis Duo

Keystone Tuba Quartet

Loud and Louder

The Moreau | VanTuinen Duo

Palmetto Tuben

The Sequence Quartet

Will Gray Beach and the Winnfield Quartet


William Beach - The Music of Steven Landis

Joshua Bishop and Jack Lorens Graduation and Beyond: Exploring the Mindset and Actions Needed to Have a Career in Music

Drew Bonner - Better Arranging for Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble Music

Steven Darling - Back to Basics: Developing & Implementing Fundamentals

Marc Dickman - Play Jazz for Fun and Profit

Joe Dollard - The Ear-Horn Connection

Tom Lukowicz - Rethinking How We Warm-up

Patrick Rettger - Military Career Opportunities for Musicians

Blake Ryall and Martin Cochran - Living a Life in Music

Featured Ensembles:

Appalachian State University

The Charlotte Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble

The Florida State Octet

Jacksonville State University

Louisiana State University

University of Alabama

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

University of North Georgia

University of Southern Mississippi

Valdosta State University

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